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PC SURGEONS LLC PC Repair in St. Louis, MO
St. Louis, MO
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PC Surgeons is a legitimate business with a professional office location, don't be worried about this being a fly by night operation out of someone's basement. JR works quickly and honestly and is upfront about pricing. He went the extra mile to try to get a better price for the part I needed. Thanks!
From:St. Louis
JR is a rock star! He saved my computer!
From:St. Louis
John Patterson
"I was traveling in St. Louis recently and my lap top began having issues. I found PC Surgeons LLC on the web. JR met with me the same day and ran repair diagnostics that evening. When this didn't correct the issue, he recommended replacing the hard drive. He was able create an image of my previous install and was able to replace the hard drive and programs seamlessly. I own my own business and my entire professional life is on my PC. I was only in town for a few days and JR worked on my PC in the evening to get it back to me before I left town. He is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, but most of all sincere. I was desperate and JR did not take advantage of me by charging me outrageous fees. The service was incredible. I highly recommend PC Surgeons. Thanks JR!"
From:Chicago, IL

From:          St. Louis
JR did a great job of quickly getting rid of my virus. PC Surgeons prices are very reasonable too! Thanks!

From:           St. Louis
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I cracked my laptop screen (internally) and needed it fixed ASAP because I'm in grad school. JR gave me a quote over the phone and after calling around to several places, it ended up being the cheapest by far. I took it in and it was fixed in 6 days (2 of which were weekend days). My screen is brand new now and works great! I couldn't be more pleased.

From:           St. Louis
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"I was impressed by the repair JR did with my laptop. My laptop was freezing anytime, many errors, couldn't even start the laptop no more. JR repaired my laptop in 24 hours and make it run very fast. JR removed my anti virus and installed a new version of one of the best anti viruses and he took his time to explain to me clearly what was the problem, why the laptop couldn't start no more.  He fixed the igfx problem that was appearing everytime on the screen of my laptop. My laptop run very very fast like a new laptop while it's my fourth year to have it. The LCD screen of the laptop was broken also and he replaced it in no more than 10 minutes at a really cheap fees. I was impressed by JR and brought to him my old desktop that I don't even use, but he repaired the desktop and make it brand new. Thank you JR for your job and being around Saint Louis."
From:Florissant, MO
"JR is great at what he does... He fixed two of my computers in a reasonable time, and I am very satisfied with his work. I would recommend him to anyone who wants fast and affordable pc service. He is definetly the Go to Man in St. Louis,

Thanks again JR"
From:St. Louis
"Ahhhh....so nice to have my computer up and running. Great service...great price. Thank you!!!"
From:St. Louis
"Picked up a nice Dell laser printer from JR. Will do business again in the future."
From:East St. Louis, IL

"JR is an outright honest, sincere and efficient computer guy in St. Louis. His rates are very affordable, he repaired my laptop while I waited in his office and is always willing to walk the extra mile to make his customers happy.  I would strongly recommend him to anyone for a fast, transparent impeccable computer repair!"
From:St. Louis
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"I had JR clean up my sons laptop a few months ago, and it is still extremely fast and virus free.  The computer was only 3 days old, and as a result of some site hopping, a virus locked it up and it was totally useless.  JR took care of it and we had it back in 4 days.  He was very easy to work with, and gave me a few tips on how to keep the machine running at top performace.  I will recommend his service to anybody that I know that has any type of computer issue."

"DO NOT waste your time or money going to anyone else. J.R. is honest, reasonable, and most of all knowledgable.  He did an awesome job on two of my laptops at a very affordable rate.  I could not be more pleased. I was ready to invest in a new laptop, but J.R. made my laptops run like new!  Take it from me, J.R. is your guy for all of your computer repairs.  Thanks J.R.!"
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Nikkia Donaldson                      

"I wish I'd gone to The PC SURGEON the first time! Had a damaged DC Power Jack and after getting the run around from two other businesses, JR told me exactly what the problem was and had it fixed in 3 days. Fair pricing, I didn't feel pressured or like I was being taken advantage of. I would highly recommend JR. Skip the big names and go to JR; he gets the job done!"
From:St. Louis
Orlandez Lewis                           

"Got my laptop back!! Good as new! Big ups to J.R. at PC Surgeons!!! Awesome work!!"
From:St. Louis

"JR and his associate Dave [Contracted Computer Consultant] have been extremely helpful with solving our computer issues - JR has cleaned up two slow laptops for us, and Dave got our wireless network up and running a few weeks ago.  When my son brought his laptop home with wireless connection issues (at home and school), Dave was able to update his drivers and change his settings remotely and saved us a house call.  Everything is currently working great until entropy strikes again!  When it does, I'm calling PC Surgeons - they are very knowledgeable and affordable!"

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