Computer and PC Repair in Saint Louis
Broken and Cracked LCD LED Replacement
  • Cost - $35 Flat Rate Labor Plus Cost of Keyboard (usually about $45)
  • Diagnostics - 100% Free
  • Turnaround Time - 3 to 7 Days

Q: How Common Is This Service?  
A. We get calls almost every day asking about this service.

Q: Why 3 to 7 Days Turnaround?
A. Unfortuneatly, there is no laptop parts warehouse in St. Louis that carries the thousands of different laptop keyboards.  We (and other computer shops) must order the keyboard and most laptop parts. 

Q: Do You Require Up Front Payment For the Keyboard?
A. Yes, the keyboard must be paid for before we order it, but labor is not due until the job has been finished.  Keyboards are returnable and refundable, just in case things don't work out.
Forms of Payment Accepted:
  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit
  • Check
  • Paypal
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We Accept Debit or Credit Cards When Paying up front for your keyboard repair
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Laptop Keyboard Quit Working or Damaged From a Spill? - We Can Help!

We get calls every day asking about keyboard replacment for laptops.  Most of the time, if you need to still use your laptop, come in to pay for the keyboard and/or labor and we can let you borrow a USB keyboard and give your laptop back to you while we wait for your part to be shipped to us.  This will allow you to continue to use your laptop, and not go a week without it. Call PC SURGEONS Office today for details!  
Call With Your Laptop Model Number And We Can Give You An Exact Quote For The Repair Right Over The Phone
Laptop keyboard replacment or repair
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We service all brands of laptops for keyboard replacement or computer repair in St. Louis, MO
Toshiba, Asus, Dell, HP, Gateway, Laptop Purchase and Repair For Your Broken Laptop Computer Keyboards!
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